Staff Resource: Financial Discipleship for Families: Intentionally Raising Faithful Children


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Christian parents have two obvious but complex responsibilities. First, to follow Christ. Second, to prepare their children to follow Christ.

In this book, author Brian Holtz helps parents and grandparents learn, apply, and multiply the Bible’s teaching on money and possessions in order to raise up a new generation of faithful Christians.

As a husband and father of four children between the ages of thirteen and four, Brian presents established biblical truths, as well as new methods to teach them to our children, from a new and different perspective – that of someone who is still actively learning what works and what doesn’t. Rather than providing a checklist for raising faithfully compliant children, this book presents a theological, practical, and effective framework for families to pray, talk, and work through together with the ultimate goals of drawing each member closer to God and the family together as a whole.

Applying both Howard Dayton’s MVP Parenting and the Compass Five Pillars of Financial Discipleship, parents will be both challenged and encouraged to learn and live by God’s financial principles, explain them to their children, and invite them to walk alongside them in their financial discipleship journey, training them in the way they should go so that they will never depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

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