Church Uses Compass Study to Train Staff

Northland Church in Orlando, Florida

Using Compass Studies in the Church

picture of Bob & Renee Shoemaker
Bob & Renee Shoemaker, Compass Executive Director, Central Florida

Our home church in the Orlando area, Northland – A Church Distributed, has a rich history with Howard Dayton and Compass Financial Ministry, which has served as a firm foundation that has steered them through several years of major changes in leadership, COVID and reorganizations. In early 2023, I was discussing with an Elder how we could integrate Compass studies back into the discipleship calendar.

He took out his phone and called our new Executive Pastor, Derwin Anderson, and told him about the Compass Annual Conference and suggested he attend. While at the Compass conference, Pastor Anderson was inspired to start a dialog on how Financial Discipleship could compliment his vision for the future of Northland.

Northland Pastor Derwin Anderson
Pastor Derwin Anderson

Skip ahead to 2024 and Northland decided to have all staff go through the Compass small group study – Building Your Finances God’s Way, with the goal of getting them all on the same page, draw them closer together and to Christ.

We just completed leading the first group of 50 participants through the study and will complete the remainder of the staff this coming fall.


We will continue discussions to get the Compass studies rolled out beyond the staff, but we are excited to see what the Lord might do. We can see The Compass Curriculum being used with the 16–24-year-olds, further use of the Building Your Finances God’s Way study with all of their Governing Elders, Shepherding Elders and Deacons, and possibly some form of a Financial Discipleship study to all of the Northland missionaries to equip them to take it with them globally.

In short, we want to see everyone, everywhere learn what the Bible says about money and possessions.

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