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James Walden, Compass Executive Director, ArkansasUsing Compass Study to Provide Practical Life skills

The Nehemiah House is a center for men that have either been on drugs or alcohol. It’s an addiction center, helping them get their life straightened out.
I would say that 50% of the people don’t know about Christ. They’re just there because it’s a study going on and they might as well go into the class. At the beginning I tell them whether they believe in Christ or not, I’m going to give them life skills that are going to help them when they get out – how to balance a budget, how to keep up with their debt management.


Jeremy Burton, Director of Client Services, Nehemiah House, Little Rock, ArkansasLearned Not to Chase Money But To Use it the right way

I’m Jeremy Burton. I’m the Director here of Client Residence Services. I’m also a graduate here. So, we’re really just a refuge for people that are hurting and are lost. It’s a place for men to come and get restored and then to eventually at some point get back into society and be a productive member, especially for the Kingdom. That’s what we lead guys to. So that’s the Nehemiah House.

I came here in 2013 and I just realized I wasn’t living life, how He had it planned and how it was supposed to be lived. I just had a real awakening that there was more to life than how I was living. So, as I grew up, I learned to chase money as an object and as a thing that makes you a man or makes you a somebody. I had a skewed vision of money going through Compass. I realized that money is just a tool that God has given us, the resources and that we’re supposed to use it in the right way.

One thing about the Compass that I’ve noticed is it’s real simple. It’s a simple roadmap. There’s not a lot of complications to it. And my wife, she’s good with money. She’s better than I am. And going through this class, it’s helped us together, grow together financially. But it’s given me confidence in my life to be able to do my part and help our family budget and be good stewards of our money.

Just super grateful that people are willing to invest and to help somebody they don’t even know. But the thing is that their contribution is impacting someone’s life right now, and it’s making a change. Somebody who’s lost now, they’re found, and it’s a community thing. We have to do it together because this world’s tough. It’s hard. I would just say thank you for being faithful to the call to give and to help organizations like us.

Jimmy at the Nehemiah House, Little Rock, ArkansasEven One Nugget From the Class Can Change Your Life

This is the stomping ground for people that need change, that need help, that need compassion, that need mercy, that need grace. And the Nehemiah House is just a beacon of light.

My name is James Perez. Everybody calls me Jimmy V. My role is Operations Manager here at the Nehemiah House. I personally came from the Nehemiah House, from jail. I caught a break for one of the first times in my life. Somebody believed in me in the jail and sent me here, and off a suggestion I came here open minded and willing.

I wasn’t a Christian when I came to this program, but by the time I went through the Compass study, I was on fire. I had been chipped away at; I had been baptized. I wanted to know more. If it had to do with life skills and it was biblical, I wanted to know because I wanted to live different. Even if you get just that one nugget out the class, you learn something, you got something. So just pay attention to paying attention. It could change your life.

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