Lord, you are familiar with all my ways, it's time I learned yours.​

Time learning God's Word is always time well spent, even if you have just a few minutes each day. He is 100% worth it.

Compass resources are divided up by the time you have to give. You can move at your own pace and choose the topics most relevant to you. We are excited to help you grow in your understanding of finances God’s way.


You know those free moments that pop up in your day? Instead of filling them with distractions, take a moment to learn something easy to apply and share with others. Small choices over time make a huge impact.


The topic of finances has an intimacy around it that causes isolation the enemy loves. One of our 6-week studies can provide an incredible breakthrough in your personal faith as you discover together what the Bible says about money and possessions.


There is no level of financial education needed to decide “I’m ready for a total shift in how I view and prioritize finances.” This category is high-commitment, but it will have a huge impact on your journey with the Lord.

A Tailored Space for Students & Jesus

What does it mean to be a financial disciple?