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Each book is selected for a specific purpose and ordered intentionally to bring faithful Believers to maturity so they can bear fruit for the Kingdom.

At the conclusion of the study, every participant then goes out to lead a study of their own, just as Jesus instructed in Matthew 28:19.

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By Andrew Murray

The series begins with Andrew Murray’s Humility, helping us learn that Jesus came to rescue us from ourselves, that we need Jesus, and our role is to help other people see that we need Jesus and to point them to Jesus. Humility = 100% of Jesus and 0% of us in everything we do. Humility is a 100% moment by moment dependence on Jesus. The goal of a faithful walk with Jesus is to empty ourselves of us so that His Spirit can truly fill us.

Trusting God

By Jerry Bridges

Then, through Trusting God, Jerry Bridges helps us realize that everything that happens (good or bad) is from God and is for His glory and our good. Even when life seems out of control and we don’t see what God is doing, He is faithfully and mercifully fulfilling His promise to care for and protect us. We learn to recognize that God is sovereign, good, and able, and, through this realization, we learn to trust Him completely, even when life hurts.

Financial Discipleship

By Peter Briscoe

Next, Peter Briscoe’s Financial Discipleship: Investing in Eternity helps us trust God with our money and possessions. Turning back to God’s word and examining the Scriptures, we better understand God’s purpose for entrusting us with His things: to strengthen our relationship with Him so that we can one day hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Master Plan of Evangelism

By Robert Coleman

Finally, Robert Coleman’s Master Plan of Evangelism helps us learn about Jesus’ plan for saving the world, a plan built on His followers making disciples who make disciples over multiple generations. Coleman helps us see how Jesus did it so we can follow His lead, how He selected others to train, imparted His knowledge onto them, demonstrated His way of accomplishing the Father’s tasks, delegated His work to others, supervised their progress, and produced leaders.

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