Reaching Egypt & North Africa

Group photo of Abu Dhabi workplace leaders.

Picture: Pastor Botross with members of his congregation after meeting to discuss the expansion of Financial Discipleship in the region.

Adel Azmi, Compass Global Chair for Middle East North Africa (MENA) recently spoke with Pastor Botross, Arabic Evangelical Church, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, about the impact of partnering with Compass has had on his congregation over the last 18 months.

Pastor Botross said he was so grateful for Compass simply teaching Scripture and how their church’s giving culture has shifted to be more generous as they care for other churches who minister in more challenging situations than their own.

He also shared, “Our church collects a special yearly offering that we use to help other needy churches and ministries in our area. Over the last year, since focusing on Financial Discipleship, our members’ generosity to help these other churches has doubled.

And recently we had a Pastor from Upper Egypt, which is outside of our area of focus, share with us that his church needed to rebuild their building because of its age and condition. They didn’t know where they were going to get the funds, so our Board decided to share this need with the congregation a couple of days prior to their weekly meeting – and then we prayed. We were astonished when the congregation gave significantly more to help this Upper Egypt church need than we had collected in our last two offerings for our own area churches!”

When you understand the biblical principles around money, you view generosity as an opportunity not an obligation! Click here to check what scripture says about giving with love!

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