Building Your Finances Study Transforms Ghana Business Owner

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Ghana student posing for a picture in front of a palm treeEVERYTHING CHANGED AFTER THE STUDY

My name is Prince Kofi. I live in Ghana. I am an accountant by profession. I began to search for how to be financially free and wealthy.

I became a Christian at a very young age and knew about being rich and serving God. I also knew what it meant for somebody to say they have money, but don’t reflect Christ.

I started looking for a place where I could get experience or find a mentor to serve as a template for a Christian serving God faithfully and not allowing money to become my ruler. So, as I looked around I wasn’t finding any role models until one day when I tuned into a radio station and heard an interview about a man who had developed a curriculum and learnt that 2,350 Bible verses speak about money and possessions. And I was determined to meet the person.

I started the Compass Small Group Study on Building Your Finances God’s Way – Compass Financial Ministry, and everything changed for me. The Compass study materials are very transparent and clear and based on scripture. Everything that is being taught is taken from the scriptures.

Starting the Compass group changed my life.  I give with a purpose in mind and also give when I am led to do so. I don’t just give. When it comes to saving, it’s mandatory. We must save for the future. The new knowledge acquired brought a lot of changes in our family because we used to live one day at a time. But now we live with a plan. I believe when we can get more people to take part in business in God’s way, we’ll see a lot of transformation in the life of everybody.

I want to thank those who are helping us to get the message out there in Ghana, and those helping us with the materials, finances, and volunteers. The work is a lot, and the task is so huge. We want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing because you’re impacting lives.


THE IMPACT OF Finances God’s Way 

My name’s Nicholas Breach, and I serve as the Vice President of Global Field Operations for Compass.

I met Prince when I first went to Ghana and I was immediately struck by his enthusiasm and his intelligence, especially in this area of business. And we got to start training and talking together, and some of our leaders in Africa began discipling Prince, and he was transformed. He did not understand that God owned his business. He did not understand that he needed to be completely honest in everything that he’s doing. He did not understand that he needed to give and live generously.

And so, God got a hold of his heart. And with some truth on scriptures, some loving accountability and examples of others around him of what it looked like to do finances God’s way, his life has been transformed. The Lord’s bringing him more opportunities. He’s giving him a larger platform to share the truth from God’s Word about finances.

If we can bring this truth around the world, I believe we’ll see global change, global redemption, and we’ll see people surrendering people that are Christians, people that have said, Jesus, you are my savior, but have not yet made him their Lord. Because they’re still building their own kingdom with their own wealth. And so, we are taking Compass around the world to see people fully surrendered to the Lordship of Christ with everything that they have.


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