God’s Financial Principles Direct Path for Financial Advisor

Financial professional Hilgardt Lamprecht headshot.
Hilgardt Lamprecht, The LifeWealth Group’s financial advisor and CEO, has worked in the insurance and annuity industry since 1997.

He combines his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to excellence to help clients work toward their retirement dreams. Hilgardt’s Christian faith and dedication to helping others are the cornerstones of his professional career.

He shares, “Knowing God’s principles for wealth has been the absolute rudder in my life and in the way I advise our clients. His principles are true all the time and are always relevant. Compass has been a wonderful ministry over the years helping me quickly discover what God says about this and that situation. When you break it down, we make decisions based on principles and Compass has been very valuable to me in sharing those principles vividly.

Recently Compass has also taken extra time to develop tools a Kingdom advisor can use in client meetings to communicate principle very well, and I am particularly thankful they did that. All in the spirit of sharing God’s principles in very practical ways.”

View the Financial Advisor Tools developed in partnership with the LifeWealth Group. These tools are designed to help you offer your clients biblically wise financial teaching so they may know Christ more intimately and help fund the great commission.

Please let us know if we can serve you to help you guide your clients according to God’s Word.

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