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Director of Dorcas House, Miranda Rice. BIBLICAL TEACHINGS WERE KEY FOR ME 

The ladies that come into the Dorcas House, they always come in hopeless and broken. That’s why you’re coming here. Usually, we’re a last resort. People don’t plan on becoming an addict. That wasn’t in my life goal. It was something that happened to me.

My name is Miranda Rice. I’m the Director of recovery at the Dorcas House. The Dorcas House is located in downtown Little Rock. Our house holds about 40 women now, about seven children. The Dorcas House is a home away from home for women with substance abuse disorder and domestic violence issues. I came here in 2017. I had been an addict for about 20 years. I’m 46 now, so that was half my life. When I got to the Dorcas House, I was completely in debt. My debt was actually keeping me in addiction. The cycle of drug abuse, being overwhelmed with all of that just kept going on. I didn’t see a way out. I had no hope.

The key thing for me in the Compass class was the biblical teachings, mainly that it was my responsibility that it was biblical not to be in debt. I don’t have to live that way, that I can rely on Jesus more.

I’m just so grateful for the instructor who came here to invest his time in us. Now that he has done that for me, it is an investment and also my kids and their future.



When I came to Dorcas House, I came with nothing. I had nothing, just me and my four daughters. I wasn’t in a very good mental state or emotional state.

I was excited to be offered to take the financial class because I knew that I needed some groundwork and some help to know how to do my finances and budget and stuff. I didn’t have that opportunity before.

I’m no longer living paycheck to paycheck. I have extra money to spend with my children, to have fun or to spend a little bit on myself and not have to think, well, I have to use this whole paycheck to pay this bill and then I won’t, won’t have money to get by for the week.

To the ones who make it possible and donate and volunteer and give money to make this class possible, I would say thank you, and it makes a bigger impact than you even can imagine.



I have been at the Dorcas House doing the domestic violence program. Before I came to the Dorcas House, I couldn’t save a dime if I wanted to. I had tried, but every check I got would just go to stuff that didn’t really matter at the end of the day.

Some of the key things that I took away from the Compass course was learning where I was at on the map. I don’t have a place yet but knowing that there’s a retirement plan at the end, if I can just manage to meet each step and then maybe I can relax a little bit when I get older. So that was a big takeaway for me. Another thing that I took away from the class was, if you’re wanting to save, you kind of got to give back to the Lord and be glad in it. You can’t just give and not be happy about what you’re given.

My Compass instructor has been awesome, and his story and what he’s doing now is just great. He’s made me feel more confident. He also gave his own story with his financial situation, and it brought hope.

I want to say thank you for those that have volunteered, their time, their money, their support for making the Compass Class a thing that I was able to take and learn in my life. Because if I hadn’t learned these things, my life might not end up where it is going now.


Headshot of James Walden

Leading People to The Lord THrough Compass studies 

My name is James Walden and I’m the Executive Director for Arkansas in surrounding states, Mississippi, Western Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. My role is to navigate finances, God’s way, to build finances God’s way and to set people’s houses in order. That’s our whole goal, is to draw people to Christ through our small group studies. About 10 years ago, me and this other lady, a friend, went in to lead the Navigate study.

Our journey over the last 15 years is helping men and women with life skills, navigating their finances God’s way, because I always ask the men and women with addictions, you did finances your way. How did that work out for you? And then they always say, well, it didn’t work out at all. And I said, right, and mine didn’t either. But then I started Navigating my Finances God’s way, and it changed completely our journey.

The impact that it makes each time we lead a class, whether it’s 10 people in class or 25, when someone accepts Christ as Lord and Savior, even if it’s just one person, then we’ve done what we’re supposed to do. And so, I guess what keeps me coming back is seeing who’s next. 

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