Asbury University Students Receive Biblical, Practical Life Skills

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A Passion to Reach 16-22 Year Olds

My name is Kyle Hasbrook, and I am the Chief Content Officer for Compass. As a Chief Content Officer, I help develop our programs, our curriculum, our courses, basically anything that has to do with putting content into people’s hands where they have the opportunity to learn what God has to say about money. We really wanted to get into the colleges and universities because we felt like that was a prime time to do that, and so the way we were able to do that is through a partnership with Asbury University. We could have never have done this alone.

The thing I’m most excited about with the new curriculum is just the impact it’ll have on kids ages 16 to 22. That’s an age gap where kids really aren’t learning a whole lot about finances. Financial literacy is pretty low at that stage, and we have an opportunity to share with them what God has to say about money in a real, practical and tangible way.


Dan Lewis, lecturer at Asbury University

Curriculum is Intimate, Relevant & Bible Centered

Hi, I’m Dan Lewis. Students at Asbury call me. Dr. Dan. The baseball team calls me Padre. So as a lecturer at the Howard Dayton School of Business at Asbury University, I’ve been able to teach the course, Give, Save, and Spend – personal finances God’s way. In that class, we 100% use The Compass Curriculum, the slides as an instructor, the eWorkbook for students, and then we integrate in all that I know to be Howard and biblical teachings.

The beauty of the curriculum to me is it has been carefully crafted over 40 years so that a high school and college student can see the relevance of a biblical worldview, practical financial skills and then necessary kind of practical expressions of that in things like the deed and budgets and 28-day spending. It is a just add water and stir tool. I don’t see any other curriculum out there that starts with God owns it. That’s step one. Number two, we manage it. Number three, we start with generosity. It is intimate, it is relevant, but it is Bible centered and I love that about it.

It’s just an amazing feeling to just see the way God is working in kids’ lives and just the impact it’s having on them. It makes us feel great as an organization and our team, but the bigger feeling is knowing the impact that that life change is going to have on the kingdom and not just today, but in the future and as those kids grow older and have the opportunity to teach their kids and their friends and their peers, that’s the thing that really gets me excited.


headshot of Julianne, an Asbury University studentPractical & Beneficial tools For Life

(Julianne) I chose to take Dr. Dan’s Give, Save, Spend class because I felt like this was a class that was really useful and beneficial in just life skills just sitting in on the class. I feel like it’s something that a lot of students can learn from because it’s things that you aren’t going to think about necessarily until after you graduate.

 I feel like going through the class, I learned so many things. I didn’t know a ton about investing and that’s important. I like knowing that there’s biblical facts behind that and kind of having the scriptures in class. I’ve just learned that we are stewards of God’s money and what we have is not ours, it’s his, so we need to use it responsibly, and that means don’t go into debt, only buy what you can afford, live within your means and that kind of stuff. 

Having a Compass course, this is really beneficial, practical stuff that everyone could use. I feel like it should be a required class, honestly, because there’s so many things that people could learn that you aren’t going to learn anywhere else and you aren’t going to get the experience of the context from the Bible. You aren’t going to get that biblical perspective. It makes it so easy and has so many tools that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

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