Money Q&A

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Money Q&A Bankruptcy For all kinds of reasons, people are declaring bankruptcy in record numbers. People used to avoid bankruptcy if at all possible because of the stigma of financial […]

Building Your Finances God’s Way Study Tools

Building Your Finances God's Way Book Cover

Building Your Finances God’s Way STUDY TOOLS Chapter 1: The Foundation 1. MEMORY VERSES Quizlet Memory Verse Tool — a great tool to help you with the memory verses for each […]

The Bible on Money

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What the Bible says about money. Did you know there are 2,350 Bible verses that talk about money and possessions? Download PDF Find Bible verses by topic. Bribes “And you shall […]

Get Your Finances On Track

For some of us, starting on the right foot means getting our finances in order. Editor and MoneyWise coach Melody Kerr tells us where to start.

Just Say No

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Learning to have balance can help us live the life God intends for us. Get started by saying no to these 4 things…